Who is Lindsey Tichenor?

Lindsey Tichenor resides in Smithfield with her husband Bowin and their four children. Lindsey is a realtor, former missionary and disaster relief organizer, grass roots community mobilizer, sales executive, and teacher.

Lindsey’s motivation to serve as a State Senator is rooted in her drive to reverse the usurpation of Kentuckians’ rights and liberties and restore the power of government to “We The People”.

Lindsey Tichenor is an excellent communicator whose personal and professional life experiences have honed her logistical and leadership skills preparing her for this position. As a wife, mother, businesswoman, Oldham County native, Kentuckian, patriotic American, community servant, and unapologetic Christian, Lindsey will bring a much needed tenacity and work ethic to the Kentucky Senate and she respectfully asks for your vote and support.

Not just a mom!

  • Oldham County Native
  • Realtor
  • Business Owner
  • Former Missionary and Disaster Relief Coordinator
  • Grassroots Mobilizer
  • Teacher
  • Sales Executive
  • Public Speaker 

Voting in District 6 (To be updated in 2026)


In-Person No-Excuse Absentee Location(s) Nov 3, 4, & 5, 2022
Trimble County Courthouse
30 Hwy 42 East
Bedford, KY 40006

Thurs & Fri 10AM-6PM

Trimble County Courthouse
31 Hwy 42 East
Bedford, KY 40007

Saturday 8AM-4PM

Election Day Polling Locations(s) Nov 8th, 2022
Bedford Elementary School
204 Mt. Pleasant Rd
Bedford, KY 40006

Precincts: B101, B103, B104, C101, D101, D102, & D103
South Bedford, Antioch, Burrows, Providence, North Bedford, East Bedford, Palmyra

Milton Elementary School
9245 Hwy 421 N
Milton, KY 40045

Precincts: A101, A102, A103, C103, C104
West Milton, East Milton, North Milton, South Milton, Leeport



Early Voting in
Oldham County

Any registered voter can choose to vote early, with no excuse needed. 

John Black Community Center

Thursday, Nov 3rd 8am-6pm

Friday, Nov 4th 8am-4pm

Satuday, Nov 5th 6am-2pm

Nov 8th VOTING

Oldham Co. High School1150 N. Hwy 393 • LaGrange

S. Oldham Middle School
6403 W. Hwy 146 • Crestwood

N. Oldham High School
1815 S. Hwy 1793 • Goshen 

E. Oldham Middle School
1201 E. Hwy 22 • Crestwood

Westport Baptist Church Life Center
6415 Washington St. • Westport

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Click here for Jefferson County Clerk Voting Information 

Because Jefferson County has switched back to precinct voting, you should check the link for locations and times.

Check the .pdf here to see if you are in our district.